“Making a Difference In Our Community!”


It took us a few years to figure out what God had called us to in West Seattle — but one thing we always knew: He wanted us to make a positive impact on our neighborhoods.  So that’s what we have been doing from our beginning in 2007.



Our first priority has always been reaching out to teenagers in West Seattle who simply do NOT fit in anywhere.  Not at home, school, in the community, etc.  If you get around us, you will immediately notice the youth around us are misbehaving. (Yes, you probably did too, before you started following Jesus, didn’t you?)  They will have foul language, be smoking cigarettes, sleeping around with whoever is available.  And worse.  But one thing we noticed about Jesus in the bible is that he hung out regularly with misfits and outcasts.  People the religious chose not to associate with.  Almost ALL the leaders at Skate Church were broken like this — we are NOT surprized by this behavior.  But Jesus can and DOES change all this.


So whether you see us down at Alki Beach in the summer playing ruckus games in the park, or playing mud-football after Thanksgiving, or see our messy swearing teenagers handing out hot cocoa to our homeless neighbors — know this:  Jesus hung out with sinners. And we believe that greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world.



We’ve noticed that alot of people SAY things, but very few actually DO IT.  So at Skate Church we like to say, “Just SHUT UP and DO IT!”.  It is in our DNA to go out into our West Seattle community and LOVE THE HOMELESS and UNLOVED.  Usually this is with local teenagers — but increasingly we are inviting ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS to come join us in giving away free clothing to the poor, feeding the homeless, or just handing someone a hot chocolate and being KIND.  We make EVERY EFFORT to work through other local churches that love Jesus and their neighbors in need.  Throughout West Seattle we just gather up, link hands — and spread the Love of God around our neighbors.  Love one another.  It’s easier than you think.







Although we know it currently isn’t “cool” to like CHURCH — we’ve again noticed that Jesus says in the bible that He’s building something called His “church” and that the gates of  hell will not prevail against it.  Thus, we spend ALOT of time partnering with local churches that love Jesus and follow the Bible in reaching out in love and compassion to our community.  Because we do NOT meet for a “service”, when people ask us what church to go to — we can show them MANY GOOD CHURCHES.  West Seattle is a really cool place to live — and there are many really good church communities.  Just ask us.  We’ll tell you which ones! :)