The Journey of Faith Foursquare Church is now meeting organically in West Seattle in homes for study of Scripture, worship, fellowship and often a shared meal. We are calling these gatherings “Ekklesia”.   It is regularly on Sunday nights – but not EVERY Sunday night.  For more information and location, call 206/890-8110 or email swastman @gmail.com


The CAYA (College Age/Young Adult) group meets bi-monthly on Monday nights @ 8PM for Bible Study & discussion.  For more information and location, call 206/890-8110 or email swastman@gmail.com

The SKATE CHURCH youth group is partnering this year with St. Pauls of Shorewood Lutheran Church. We meet EVERY Wednesday night 5:00-7:30pm at St. Pauls (11620-21st Avenue SW, Seattle)  For more information, call 206/890-8110 or email swastman@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

4742 42nd Avenue SW #PMB 564
Seattle, WA 98106

Telephone Number:
If you would like to speak with someone about Skate Church, please call 206/890-8110

Authority & Leadership Structure:

All the Journey of Faith & Skate Church Leadership is under the supervision of the International Foursquare Church. The Journey/Skate Church Senior Pastor is Serena Wastman, and the supervisor of the Seattle Team is Pastor Kaj Martin (Living way Foursquare Church/Seatte).

All JOF staff/leadership are volunteers – there are no paid staff members. Before a leader may be giving any authority, they must be screened by the Washington State Patrol, have worked with the JOF leadership team for a minimum of six months, and must have proven by their lifestyles to be committed to authentically be following Jesus Christ.