What is “The Journey” and “Skate Church”?

6a00d8341ca3ad53ef00e54f0a8ecc8833-800wiSo…you’re new to West Seattle?  Or, you’ve heard of “Skate Church” or “The Journey” and don’t know what it is?  Many people misunderstand us to be EVERY SKATER in West Seattle — not true, but we’d like to be!  We are a bunch of mainly “West-Seattlites” who love Jesus, live in our community and are committed to “making a difference” right here where we live.  We started out about 6 years ago when a bunch of West Seattle teenagers accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…and they wanted to “change the world for Jesus.”  We set off on a journey of faith…and SKATE CHURCH was born.

Although it seems logical that a “church plant” would begin with the “mother church” first — but God doesn’t always do things the “logical” way :) …God started the YOUTH GROUP first!  SKATE CHURCH started first, and then the adult church (the Journey of Faith) started as the teenage leaders grew up and became Next Gen leaders.  Although we primarily are a youth-filled church, there are all ages here now.  But the Journey meets on Sunday nights @ 6pm…and SKATE CHURCH (the youth ministry) has campuses all over West Seattle — with a goal to be 7 days a week!

We also aren’t confined to a building — because church isn’t a SERVICE on Sunday nights, but church are believers in Jesus committed to each other.  This church will not fit most “church paradigms” — we are 24/7, we live and breathe Jesus, and are wanting to learn to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love our neighbor as ourself.  That ought to keep us busy for a lifetime.  In the summertime, you will see us ALL down at Alki Beach…bbqing, gathering, worshiping, baptizing…just loving each other, the community and Jesus.

Come find out more about Jesus!