​What if “church” wasn’t something that you went to on Sunday mornings? What if it wasn’t a group of people that you “were a member of” or “signed a covenant with” to monitor your behavior? What if CHURCH was a bunch of people – made up of people just like you –


who lived in community with one another, despite being in different stages of their Jesus journey(some just aren’t sure yet. And that’s okay, too)? What if this community figured it out together, learned more about Jesus by reading the bible, while making LOTS OF MISTAKES – but forgave each other regardless, and LOVED EACH OTHER INTENSELY, because they wanted everyone to know this amazing love of God that Jesus told us to exhibit?


What if this was “CHURCH”?

In the Bible, the new Christians were a messy bunch. They adamantly LOVED GOD, but they were still figuring out their issues.  They made LOTS OF MISTAKES. They FOUGHT. They FORGAVE. They sought God with holy zeal. And the world around them changed because of it.


“By this everyone will know that you are My disciples,

– per Jesus (John 13:35)


SKATE CHURCH (aka Journey) is NOT a building. You cannot just attend one of our services on Sunday morning. Our time and location change. We do not keep office hours. We are a bunch of Christ-followers who are on a journey of discovering who this Jesus is as found in the Bible, and we are choosing to be in relationship with each other regardless of what church each may “attend”. We are going out into our West Seattle community and sharing this loving-kindness, mercy and grace that Jesus came to show this world.  We don’t care if we don’t have “membership”, or “tithe offerings” – we want to be like JESUS – we want to love God, and love one another.