Everyone keeps asking us “Are you doing another INTERNSHIP this summer?”  The answer:  “Why, of course!”  Before you start thinking that this is the easy way out, or a sneaky way to get FREE HOUSING, it’s only fair for us to inform you: The Skate Church Internship will be one of the HARDEST THINGS YOU WILL EVER DO.

“I find myself DAILY reflecting on how much you and the Skate Church internship has taught me.THANK YOU for being an inspiration to so many!” – Katie McGrew, former Skate Church Intern.

The Skate Church internship are for those who want immediate immersion into ministry here in West Seattle.  It doesn’t matter if you have been a Christ-follower for a day, just thinking about it, or were a Christ-follower since a child — we will IMMEDIATELY throw you into ACTION putting to life all the God principles that you know from the Bible.  It will stretch you, frustrate you, freak you out — and if you survive this three-month adventure, you will be so amazingly equipped for most ANYTHING GOD HAS FOR YOU that your Christian friends will not recognize you when you return.  Don’t believe me?  Well, fill out the application and get started.  

 Application is found here 


1) Pray and seek God about the internship.  Seek wise counsel around you.  Make a heartfelt, true decision before God.

2) Fill out the application and send it in.

3) Schedule a telephone interview

4) After the interview, PRAY AGAIN.  Make SURE this is something you feel God wants you to do this summer — because the’re nothing WORSE than being somewhere you are unsure of. And TRUST ME, we will hold you accountable to your word to finish the intership (we told you it would be HARD!)

5) Once approved, you will purchase your ticket to Seattle — we will take it from here!  Welcome aboard!


Skate Church Internship program is the accelerated program to equip and train gifted, annointed and called young people into their ministries within the Church.  It takes approximately 3 years to totally equip a young person for ministry — and the Skate Church Internship program usually start with the Summers Intership (3 months).  After that, if you would like to extend your internship, we offer another 1-2 year internships — which usually culminate in permanent placement in ministry.

Are you called?  Does God has something specific that He has called you to do/be?  Come join the Skate Church Internship and we’ll partner with you in your God-calling! .The Skate Church Internship is a “turbo-charged” discipleship program that mentors you into a strong, independent relationship of following Jesus, into ministry, and serving the community around you. The program includes:

1)  Housing/room/board
2) Direct mentoring weekly
3) Training  in your area of ministry
4) Placement into your area of ministry
5) Future placement in your ministry or planting churches…
6) Missions & outreach & LIFE!

The Skate Church Internship program will teach you to become a mature believer by it’s primary method of discipleship – being the local Church.  We will give you opportunity to identify and develop your gifts and position within the Body of Christ by actively participating in the Journey of Faith, Skate Church and other churches & ministries in our area!

Need STEPPING STONES out of where you are at? The Skate Church INTERNSHIP may be the answer for YOU!  Here’s the way we CAN do it for you…


Skate Church provides crisis housing for those who are 18 and older and need to get out of a bad situation….  This is temporary, 1 month, only and the young person has to be willing to run from any alcohol and/or drug addictions.  Most often, this crisis shelter moves into the longer term “Internship Program” stated below.


We offer 3 month, 1 year, 2 year Internship Programs for those who want to become independant in following Christ, or want to have direct mentoring into their God-given gifts.  The Skate Church Internship is INTENSIVE — you will jump immediately into the fast-moving waters of following Jesus — and only those who are serious about learning more about Christ should apply.  You will not sit still.  At the end of your internship, you will be an entirely different person!  Also, at the end of your internship, you may choose to move into Level #3: Discipleship House — independent living & ministry at a local church.


The Skate Church has two Discipleship Houses in West Seattle — one for guys, one for girls. These are for those who are serious about following Jesus and have proven so with their lives.  Mainly, these are “Next Gens” between 18-30yrs old who want to live independantly, and are not interested in the current culture of drugs, alcohol, sex — we just want to follow Jesus and make an impact on this world.!  To live in these houses, you must apply, and be willing to put 10hours per week towards ministry in our local community.


So, you have call of God on your life…  You’re not quite sure what it is, or you are sure, and you want to put it to action.  Why not join up with us and be directly mentored into using your gifts in ministry?  This “Mentoring” program will run right alongside you in ministry and place you into the fast-stream of using your gifts and callings.  At the end of this Internship, many may choose to start churches, outreaches, ministries, and begin a life of walking out that God-given calling…


If you have completed all the Internship Levels — this last level is for activation.  You will be placed into ministry and all the biblical structures around the Christ-Community (Church) will be in place.  You will have elders/council/mentors around you who will coach you and ensure that you do not falter or stray.  You will be training up others, releasing others, laying your life down for others, and serving…  You will change the world!