To start off with, there are NO paid staff at Skate Church. Everyone works together equally and in their areas where God has gifted them. We’ve tried to pay our Senior Pastor, but she simply WON’T TAKE IT.  In the bible we see that leadership is “servanthood”. Anyone that wants to be a leader at Skate Church must aspire to be the least – to be the servant…It’s rather counter-cultural, but it’s what we strive to be – the servants to our community.  Which brings us to the other thing about our “staff”: we desire to SERVE OTHERS. We spend most of our time collaborating with other churches and serving their youth ministries.


With that in mind, here is what our “staff” looks like:


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Skate Church SERVES the churches in our community that are striving to reach out to the youth in their areas.  We pray together, serve together, MERGE together for quarter gatherings… If a local church loves Jesus and is striving to follow the Bible… we are “partners”, and much of our “staff” is that of other churches.


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We have people who lead directly at Skate Church, but you rarely will see them up front, as they are behind the scenes serving.  Our goal is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12).  One of our beliefs is that “in order to increase, we must decrease”, thus you don’t see staff or leaders in the limelight very often.


The BIGGEST SERVANT OF ALL at Skate Church would probably be our Senior Pastor, Serena Wastman.  She’s so busy “equipping others” that you won’t see her preaching much, or out under the spot light – instead, she equips OTHERS to teach and lead while she’s standing around in the back stacking chairs, making the Kool Aid, and talking to the homeless man in the back.  She is living and breathing the bible verse: “The greatest among you will be the least.” (Matt 23:11)